About Angels and Princesses

Sitting on a plane a few years ago I was on my way to Port Elizabeth, a city on the southern coast of South Africa, from Johannesburg. Next to me sat a little girl and her mother. The girl had two dolls with her and was in her own world playing with these two dolls….

Being an Afrikaner in post-apartheid South Africa

Are we freed from something when we understand it or do we become a slave of it even more? I am a white, Afrikaans South African and my culture haunts me everywhere I go. From the church where I worship to the restaurant I eat, everywhere I am followed and confronted with the new “neo”-apartheid…

Reconciliation: In Christ, with ourselves, with people

Today is the day to start engaging in a dialogue between Europe and Africa which means it is time to change our language to English. I feel very proud and humble to introduce you to the thoughts of my good friend Tristan Kapp. He is Afrikaans and also studies Theology at the University of Pretoria….

Das Massaker von Marikana – Fünf Jahre später

Dr. Boniface Mabanza ist Koordinator der Kirchlichen Arbeitsstelle Südliches Afrika (KASA) in Heidelberg (Deutschland). Die KASA versteht sich als Informations- und Servicestelle zum Südlichen Afrika und als Lobby- und Kampagnenbüro zu ausgewählten Themen sozialer und wirtschaftlicher Gerechtigkeit im Kontext von Globalisierung und Klimawandel. Derzeit ist Boniface Mabanza beruflich in Südafrika. Gemeinsam sind wir am 16. August…